AI Enabled Greed And Stupidity

AI will not be our god. If it brings our demise, it will be because of human greed and stupidity.

Mason Pelt
6 min readMay 27, 2023

Originally published at on May 26, 2023.

I wrote somewhat extensively about how generative AI’s are trained a few months ago. But here’s a three bullet point recap.

  • Generative AI, whether text, audio or images requires a massive amount of training data.
  • The training data, is almost always created by humans who receive no compensation for their work.
  • Most business models for generative AI compete with human creators.

Stolen Ideas

Not all AI training involves fundamental intellectual property infringement. At least one large company in this space is reportedly only using licensed stock images, and compensating artists; thanks Adobe. Also, the public domain exists, but that’s not how most generative AI is being trained.

Training a generative AI takes huge archives of images and text. Adobe aside, most AI training data is “ripped from the net,” as the kids say.

At least two large class action lawsuits are pending each against multiple companies in this new AI space 1, 2 over the use of copyrighted…



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