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Mason Pelt: Every Blog Post I’ve Written about SEO Until June 2022

I’ve been working in SEO since 2010. And I’ve been writing publicly (somewhat randomly) since 2014. During that time, I’ve written very little about search engine optimization. As this is likely to come up in a video, I decided to link every post I could recall that was about SEO.

  1. Keep It Stupid Simple, The Website UX Philosophy SEO Supports (2022)
  2. Three Non Technical SEO Mistakes That Make Me Scream (2021)
  3. Google Announces The End Of The AMP Handcuffs (2020)
  4. Are Long Blog Posts The Key To An Unfair SEO Advantage? (2019)
  5. SEO For Non Marketers: What Every Business Person Should Know About SEO (2019)
  6. Is Link Building A Waste Of Time In 2020? (2019)
  7. Who Runs Google? Humans No Longer Drive Google Search (2019)
  8. Search Engine Usability — Stop Thinking of SEO (2014)

After removing a few posts that mention SEO only conceptually related to something else, or in general as part of marketing, here & here for example. I’m left with 8 blog posts over the same number of years.

Why Don’t I Write More About SEO?

I love doing SEO, and enjoy talking about it, but honestly, SEO is a crowded space that doesn't benefit from my voice. When it comes to news about search engines, or general trends everything is covered, often disproportionally more than other niche industry topics.

SEO for beginners is well covered, but also full of misinformation and also crowded with people who want to establish expertise. For intermediate and advanced SEO, almost no one is incentivized to be fully honest. Google doesn't want to be gamed, so anyone with a silver bullet (including myself) is incentivized to keep it close to the chest.

I don’t want to be one more person regurgitating simple concepts, watering down advanced tips, or (as seems common) making up methods that sound good, but do little to nothing.



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